Everything You Need to Know About Sugarcane and its Health Benefits

Ever wonder how a mere plant can solve most of your health issues? Here is a glimpse of how sugarcane gives your health a boost you always needed but never knew of.

Mariam Nadeem
5 min readApr 4, 2021
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When it comes to food, I’m a savory-food-all-day kind of person. I run away from sweet things, including candies, chocolates, fruits, or any other sweet dish. I am very selective with my sugary item preference, having a thing or two on my list that I can consume some times and the other times it depends solely on my mood. There are days when I stuff myself with lots of sweet things, but then I rush to get something salty and spicy afterward because my veins feel like they have sweetness injected in them, which I cannot stand. It’s a no-no from me, and YES, we exist! Surprisingly, I recently fell in love with sugarcane. My father regularly started bringing them since past week after reading about their several advantages. It seems like WhatsApp forward messages are not always exaggerated rumors; they can introduce you to something incredible too.

Trying these little pieces of sugarcane for the first time, I instantly went, “How did I not try this before?” I have been suggesting it to everyone I know since then, and coming from a person who stays away from sugary items, you must try it at least once.

Sugarcane was once considered a spice, not a sweetner.

Sugarcanes are nothing new to people residing in Pakistan. If you visit a marketplace or if you’re on the road, you will notice several vendors selling sugarcane juice. I always wondered why we had so many people selling this juice; do they even get enough customers. I got my answer when I saw people lined up to get a single glass of freshly made juice in burning summers. None of the vendors on my way stood idle; they all were working hard in this scorching weather to provide people with this healthy and refreshing drink.

As I take my third plate filled with small sugarcane pieces, also known as ganderiyan in my area, I wonder, what are the benefits or harmful effects of these bits I am munching on a lot lately. Some of the information I find about sugarcane is as following:

About Sugarcane:

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Belonging to the grass family, this two to six meters tall; plant is widely referred to as several spices and is generally used to produce sugar. Around 79% of the sugar we use in our daily lives comes through sugarcane. These plants originate from tropical or subtropical regions of the world including, Pakistan, India, and Southeast Asia. In 2017, sugarcane became the world’s largest crop by producing 1.8 billion tonnes in a single year alone. That is why it is known as one of the most important cash crops of Pakistan.

Benefits of Sugarcane:

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To my surprise, sugarcane has a lot more advantages than I had to imagine. Filled with various nutrients, the plant is valuable for numerous health issues.

1- Sugarcane Helps Prevent Cancer

It contains a high amount of calcium, iron, magnesium, and, potassium leading it to fight various diseases.

2- Sugarcane Helps Improve the Digestive System

The amount of potassium present in its juice supports overcoming digestive problems.

3- Sugarcane Improves Immunity

Being rich in antioxidants, sugarcane boosts immunity and fights infections.

4- Sugarcane is Good for the Skin

Applying a small amount of the juice on your skin waiting for it to dry out before washing it off can give you clear and acne-free skin in just a few days of usage.

5- Sugarcane is Effective for Weight Loss

It helps reduce weight by adjusting cholesterol levels.

6- Sugarcane Prevents Heart Diseases

It lowers the cholesterol levels that do not just help with weight loss issues but are also very beneficial for the good health of the heart, further preventing it from diseases.

7- Sugarcane Treats Urinary Tract Infection

The nutrients present in the sugarcane ensure that your kidneys are working just fine and prevent them from various infections.

8- Sugarcane Gives an Energy Booster

Having great nutrients, the juice of sugarcane instantly refreshes your whole body and gives you a kind of energy never felt before.

9- Sugarcane Stops Tooth Decay

Rich in several minerals, the juice prevents your tooth from weakening and decaying, making your teeth stronger.

10- Sugarcane is Good for Diabetes

Surprisingly, this sugary juice is good to keep diabetes under control.

Side Effects of Sugarcane:

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Where there are pros of a thing, over usage of anything can bring in light its cons too. Sugarcanes have Policosanol present in them, which, if absorbed in a large amount, can cause:

1- Insomnia
2- Headaches
3- Upset Stomach
4- Dizziness
5- Blood Thinning
6- Unhealthy Weight loss

You can Consume Sugarcane however you like but, Some of the Most Common Ways of their Consumption are:

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1- Chewing the whole sugarcane as it is.
2- Extracting the juice from sugarcane through a machine.
3- Cutting them into small pieces and then chewing off the fiber that is easier compared to chewing the whole thing.
4- Adding juice into food items or fruits of your choice.

So what are you waiting for now that you are aware of what sugarcane is, where it comes from, the advantages and disadvantages of consuming them, and the ways in which you can have it, go and try one out today. I am sure you will not regret it!



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